commissioning a portrait painting

Naturally, commissioning a portrait painting wouldn’t be something we would consider doing often, perhaps once in a lifetime. Therefore, making the right decision today will be what we and our future generations will treasure and live with tomorrow. Please allow me to share with you my professional knowledge based on my Academic education and my experience in portraiture; particularly in painting portraits for commission.

I may make drawings and studies for reference but this time is primarily spent getting to know the sitter, their preferences and any needs and concerns they may have. I'll then arrange a number of further sittings as required, depending on the nature of the commission.

Alternatively you may decide that you would like to have a piece of my work which involves something more personal to you, be it a narrative, a particular model, or interior and so on. I'm happy to discuss how we can create a work that represents both my own style and your ideas.

Please contact me for pricing information as each piece is quoted for individually.

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