Amir a Nejad’s portraits are beautiful, sensitive and perceptive: he has a flair for capturing the essence of his subjects. When I interviewed Amir in his studio, he told me that he likes to greet his paintings when he comes in to work every morning, and that did not surprise me: his portraits seem to have a life of their own.

Amir’s work is informed by his early training in a painter’s studio in Iran, but also by all the highs and lows of his own life, from the hardships he endured in Iran to the joys of raising a young family. He is intimately familiar with the whole gamut of human emotions, and is able to discern them in his subjects, picking up on subtle nuances of expression: a glint in an eye; a curl of the lips; the hint of a smile.

You could describe his paintings as photorealist, but that definition misses the expressive and interpretive elements that are so evident in Amir’s work. Here is a highly perceptive artist exercising his own unique, warm and empathetic voice; an artist with a lot to say and a very special way of saying it.

Jenny White - Art writer, Western Mail
Solo show

November Edition 2015

His paintings are beautiful, sensitive and perceptive: a common comment on his exhibition’s opening night was how lifelike they are. He has a flair for capturing the essence of his subjects.

Jenny White